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Our guardianage services cover regular checking and can include regular running of systems. Monthly check reports are emailed, and in agreement with the owner we undertake any required preventative or remedial action. Marina Guardianage We look after boats at Netsel Marina, Yacht Marine and Martı Marina. Our checks include:

 Control of water leakage – inflow (salt and fresh)

 Insects

 Battery voltage levels

 Battery water levels where applicable

 Control on mooring lines, running rigging and chafe gear

 Control on canvas

 Control of any corrosion on the equipment

 Washing & Ventilation

Additional checks can be included and we can run engines & generators, pump heads and operate systems should you wish. We spend some time with you before you leave covering all aspects of the operation of the essential systems.

Boatyard Guardianage

Whilst salt water ingress and mooring line chafe are not generally concerns, rain water leaks, battery voltage, battery condition, insects and mildew need to be monitored. Again, we spend time with you on board before you leave to ensure we understand what you need and how the necessary systems operate.

Reporting and Communications

Check reports for your boat are emailed every month with photos (in case videos sending by We-Transfer). This details the checks undertaken and the status of the boat and systems including battery voltage levels. You can contact us if you see any cause for concern or have any questions or instructions. Contact us at any time if there is something you need us to do, or you have a question.

Storm and Hurricane Preparation

If your boat will be in our care between 1st June and 30th November, we will discuss appropriate measures with you when we set up a guardianage contract. Whether your boat is in a marina or a boatyard, it should be as ‘hurricane ready’ as possible at the start of the season or when you leave it. In order to be able to commit our efforts to existing clients, we do not take on new clients immediately prior to an approaching storm or hurricane, and cannot prepare boats for which we do not have an existing guardianage contract.


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